5 Hard-to-Ignore Tattoo Studios in London

London is one of the famous Alpha cities in the world. From the vestiges of rich cultural heritage to the latest global economy trends, London has all for all. Whether you are a tourist in summertime, or a student gearing up for the fall academic season, or a digital nomad for that matter, this charming city will never keep you refrain from some of your most open as well as discreet pleasures. Well, if you are new to the city or have decided to get your favourite design inked on your body from a studio in London, then worry not, tattoo artists galore here. We have brought to you some of the not only best but also incredible tattoo studios of the city. Enjoy being with them!

George Bone Tattoos

This marvelous studio is situated in the west London and has been operational since 1973. Its ambience instills a headlong feeling of being in the gothic cultural era as it is so much entwined with pentagrams, skeletons and gothic drapes. It is headed by George Bone, siding aside all intricacies, if you are on the lookout of Japanese, traditional and tribal tattoos; then go nowhere else.

George Bone Tattoos2
George Bone Tattoos

New Wave Tattoo

New Wave Tattoo is a revolutionary tattoo studio cum institute since 1979. The man behind this studio is none other than Lal Hardy, most of the tattoo enthusiasts know him for his master class designs that not only look awe-inspiring but also carries a special message along with eternal charm. Well, number of tattoo experts work here to cater to almost every genre.


Jolie Rouge

It is not Rogue but Rouge. Who goes there? Creative people and bohemians associated with underground movements frequent this parlour. This studio is looked upon with veneration because of its simple and street-oriented look which is full of subtle gothic nitty-gritty’s. Jolie Rouge is a highly talented place for graffiti-inspired tattoo work. If you ever have to find new school, vivid and contemporary inking on your favourite body part, heed no one but land here straight.


Frith Street Tattoo

The West End of London is popularly known as Soho – a place full of entertainment and night life frolics. So, this Soho studio was opened in 2004 and soon shot into fame by winning many awards. Tattoo creatives visit this place for custom designs and one gets to know better about the same as soon as he/she makes an entry. Some of the famous designs that emanate from this studio are Jordon, Miles, Oliver, Baxter, etc. For a casual dip on the foot or for a perfect full body-size gothic suite or everything in between, Firth Street Tattoo has everything for you.


Flamin’ Eight

It is an old shop in the old street famous for Japanese and new school traditional tattooing. Once it was a purple-colored tuck-kind of shop which went through years of endurance and dedication to see now itself as one of the most visited parlours in London. It is managed by Naresh Bhana, an Indian by heart but exceptionally talented artist with years of experience in huge scale and traditional pieces.

You can always book your appointment prior going to the studio either by email or phone numbers.  Well, there are many studios and parlours and yes you can always search online for more. If you find anything is missing then please hit us in the comments box below.


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