Is it Good to Sport a Tattoo at Your Work Place?

Tattoo or body art is not gaining any mature momentum at the workplace because people reckon it as an object of fancy for not-yet-shaving boys. No matter how cool and friendly your boss is but somewhere deep down in their heart they think visible tattoos on body parts don’t carry a healthy streak of a professional mind. They may love and like you but will look down on your body art. Well, that tenacity is yet to develop or spread across the mass working culture. And for any culture to get acquainted with modernism needs a comfortable spell of time. It comes up gradually, like a civilization.

A survey shows that employers thumb down around 76 percent of job seekers with tattoos or piercings. Business verticals like, that are mostly from the times of tradition, banking, finance, consultancy, medical, hospitality, etc do not approve visible body arts. The reason behind this is that they are high on tangible professionalism and consider well-dressed and well-groomed people mentally fit and productive for their operations. They may allow you casual attires and funky hairstyles but weird ink and noticeable piercing never. It may not be part of their dress or appearance code but it is highly discouraged. It may cost you a good promotion or may hamper career growth. Your liking and disliking also depend upon your physical appearance, other than communication, thinking process, attitude approach etc. Corporate grooming isn’t a thing of the past – if people can’t adjust then they feel lagged behind or being bogged down by their peers.

A tattoo can be a great mode of self-expression but be careful that it’s not hurting others beliefs and ethos. So in a nutshell what do tattoos epitomize? Well the answer has a gamut of options – supporter of the marginalized section, freak shows, gypsies, bohemians, nomads, criminals, non-conformists, outlaws and long riders.

Industries that allow or get synced with modernity and the vogue of creativity are BPO, KPO, ITEs, Creative Entrepreneur, Film Industry, Advertising Agencies, Media Company and many more. Apart from your industry, you should know where to ink and where to avoid. If you have already inked a permanent tattoo then removing it for the sake of your job will definitely create a string of pain and unplanned expenditures. Thus, the cardinal rule is: think before you ink.

You can get a tattoo on your limbs, rumps, backbone and chest as these parts remain hidden when you dress up for the office or work.

And where to avoid:  On the side of arm, nape, neck, and face. Even if a small tattoo on these parts can make your boss/company frown. Remember people at workplace don’t appreciate tattoos made on the lines of animals, rodents, reptiles, nudity, insects, porn stuff, rebellious personalities etc.

To know more about tattoo guidelines as per the personalities or corporate culture, it is suggested to do online research. Go throw some popular tattoo parlors websites and keep yourself updated.

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